Be Balanced.....

Awaken your Body, your Mind and your Senses.

Welcome to Anjali Lifestyle Spa – your sanctuary for profound healing, rejuvenation and wellness. Our approach to all therapies is based on “Ayurveda” one of the oldest healing systems. By engaging the five senses – sight,sound,touch,taste and smell we are creating a higher vibration which creates harmony in the body,mind and soul.

Natural, wild-crafted and organic products are only used at Anjali Lifestyle Spa, as we believe in and practice living a satvic (pure), toxic free life and environment. We invite you to experience a transformational state of bliss with a fusion of modern and ancient offerings that will leave you feeling and looking rested and renewed inside and out.

on •jol •ly:

to offer, honor, celebrate and open our hearts

“the gesture signifies the potential for an intention to progress to a greater spiritual awakening.”