This treatment is most effective when purchased as a series.
Not recommended for those clients who are pregnant, suffer from high blood pressure, or are sensitive to heat.
Avoid sunbathing, the use of Vitamin C, Retinols, and Alpha Hydroxies for three days before and after treatment.
Refrain from any type of hair removal for a tlesat 12 hours prior to treatment.

We invite you to join us in an experience of beauty, wellness, and longevity.
Our treatments are provided in a spirit of caring and nurturing that brings forth a radiant glow from within. Our goal is to help you reach complete relaxation in our calm and serene environment, enveloping you in an infusion of aromas, sounds, and sensations designed to balance your mind and rejuvenate your soul. Within the ritual of Spa, we can find our direction. Relaxation and recovery allows us to regain equilibrium and perspective and we can then try to make peace with ourselves and the world around us. Come rejuvenate yourself in an environment made for restoration and healing. Our ultimate goal is to unify Nature with the body, mind and soul. At Anjali our commitment is to offer you the latest and best in beauty and wellness therapies. Join us and rediscover a new sense of well-being.
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